iCartoon 2.4

iCartoon turns your drawings into animated cartoons

iCartoon allows you to create animated drawings by adding photos, videos or scanned images into frames, adding motion to them. This software composes cartoons with actors and painted scenes or backgrounds, which can be easily imported from .

png, . gif or . jpg formats. You can drag the actor around the screen, creating new scenes. Instead of having to start from scratch when you mess up a drawing on paper, this tool gives the possibility to change, reinvent and introduce new ideas into the animated cartoons, stimulating imagination and creativity.

iCartoon drawings can be exported in QuickTime and modified to a final product like CD-ROMs, websites, presentations, movies, among others. For video editing on Mac OS X, one can use iMovie, and on Windows XP there are many video editing software programs available.

iCartoon is available in different languages and is supported by Mac and PC. iCartoon is recommended for children who want to turn their drawings into animated cartoons, which can be changed whenever wanted.